Professional architects and designers of our bureau are happy to help you with solving issues related to with the design, design and decoration of interiors. We work in a variety of styles.



(30 working days)

● Measurement plan

● Plan after redevelopment with explication of premises

● Plan after redevelopment with dimensions, floor level and heights

● Partition dismantling plan

● Installation plan of partitions

● Plan with furniture arrangement

● Floor plan showing floor types

● Ceiling plan

● Ceiling sections showing heights

● Luminaire placement plan and distribution of lines by switches

● Layout plan for sockets and outputs of low-voltage networks

● Plan for binding electrical products, combined with furniture

● Underfloor heating plan

● Finishing list for premises indicating areas, perimeters, volumes



(40 working days)

IN ADDITION to the base➤


● Selection of basic finishing materials (floor, ceiling, walls)

● Layout of materials on the floor

● Detailing floor plans, in the presence of complex layouts of the material

● Wall drawings with tile layout indicating dimensions and areas

● Wall finishing plan

● Ceiling plan

● Visualization of premises in perspective (watercolor technique, 1st view of each room)



(60 working days)

IN ADDITION to base and gold➤


● Furniture selection - furniture layout plan with images of the proposed furniture and indication of dimensions, article numbers and manufacturer

● Selection of plumbing - plumbing layout plan with images and indication of dimensions, article numbers and manufacturer

● Selection of doors - a plan of doors with numbering of doors and indication of dimensions, proposed design of doors.

● Selection of luminaires - a plan with images of selected luminaires, indication of dimensions, article numbers and manufacturer.
● Textile design. Selection of fabrics and calculation of material consumption.

● Sketches and drawings for sewing curtains and other textile items.

● Schemes and drawings of exclusive interior elements

● Selection of key accessories and decor elements

● Author's supervision (control of compliance with architectural and stylistic solutions) within 2 months from the start of construction.



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